Cancel My Account & How to Remove Akin2 Code on BigCommerce

If you would like to cancel your account, please email us at  

To remove Akin2 Code, please do the following.

  1. Login to the backend of your BigCommerce account
  2. In the BigCommerce Admin, in the left navigation click on Storefront to access the Themes section
  3. Click Themes

  4. Click on Edit Theme Files under the Advanced tab within your Current Theme window

  5. You will now be within the Stencil File Editor. Navigate to Templates on the left-hand side and expand the drop down.
  6. Expand the Components section by clicking on it.
  7. Expand the Products section by clicking on it.
  8. Scroll down and click on product-view.html

    1. Note: If you do not see a page called product-view.html, you may have more of a custom theme. The page you are looking for is your products landing page. Once you are able to view that page please continue with the steps.
  9. At the very top of product-view.html, you will see the code Akin2 code that was added. 
    1. If you are using a custom theme, then the code is dependent on where you placed it.
  10. Please remove that code only
  11. On the bottom right of that page, click “Save & apply file”
    1. Note: You may be asked to choose the color of your theme. Please select the appropriate color.
  12. Click Apply

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