Viewing Akin2 Performance in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

If you are using Google's Universal Analytics you can follow these steps to view the performance of Akin2 on your website:

  1. Login to Google Analytics and make sure you are viewing the correct property.
  2. In the left nav, open Acquisition, 
    1. Then open All Traffic
    2. Click to Channels
  3. Add a Secondary dimension (at the top of the table)
  4. Search and add "Event Category" from Secondary Dimension drop down
  5. Go to Advanced Search (top right of table)
    1. In dropdown find "Event Category", and click on it.
    2. Containing -> "Akin2" (Add text in field)
    3. Click on Apply
    4. Once applied you should see something like this in the highlighted box along with your results to the right. Make sure to have the correct time frame on the top right of your Analytics Account. 

How to Create an Audience Segment

  • Login to Google Analytics and make sure you are viewing the correct property.
  • In the left nav, open Audience, 
    1. Click Overview
    2. click +Add Segment
    3. Click +New Segment
    4. Select Conditions under the Advanced list
    5. Enter a name, for example "Akin2 Users" and then click on Conditions
    6. Choose Event Category as your condition
    7. Update the contains drop down(the second drop down box) and set that to exactly matches and in the field please enter Akin2
    8. Click Save
    9. Click on the new Akin2 Users segment, please click on that and enable the all users box.
    10. Click Apply
    11. With that, and after adding the Akin2 Segment any report in Google Analytics will be able to show comparison sets or just Akin2 performance across the board:

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