How do I install the Script & Style tags on WordPress?

IMPORTANT NOTE: When it comes to WordPress(WooCommerce) you will need a developer to edit and install the Akin2 script and style tags. This code will need to be placed on your products landing page.

  • Login to your Akin2 portal.
  • In the Settings tab of your Akin2 account, locate both the Script and Style tags.
  • Using the red copy icon in each field, we recommend copying and pasting these into a separate notepad or text file for use on the next few steps.

  • Please Note: With the script tag that we provide, “%search_term%” is present. Your WordPress Developer will need to replace that variable with a WordPress/Woo variable that will pull in your products title. 

  • Please login to the backend of your Wordpress Account.
  • At this point, we can only offer guidance.  You will need to add the Script Tag to your Product Landing Page Template File.  The location of this file and the name really depends on your theme. The script can be placed anywhere within the file.  For optimal return, we recommend adding the script so the Akin2 Carousel renders at the top of the page. 
  • Once you locate that page, you will want to place the code from that notepad file above the product title and main image.  Please see image below on where the Akin2 Carousel was placed.

  • Once you have placed the code on the correct page, please save those changes.
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