How does Akin2 pricing work?

Note that Akin2 does not require a credit card or plan selection upfront. Akin2 needs time to register how many visitors are viewing product recommendations in a given 30-day window.

Plan tiers are based on searches which is equal to the total number of times that Akin2 is seen by visitors to your website's product pages in a 30-day period:

While the Akin2 database tracks these searches or views, you can also use Google Analytics to estimate your plan cost for Akin2:

  • Log into your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate to Audience > Overview
  • Set your date range to 30 days
  • Note the number of Pageviews in that timeframe

In this example, this merchant would be on the 25k Searches plan for $37.50/month. Note that this is purely an estimation as searches or views can differ greatly in any given window of time.

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