How do I use a Product Feed with Akin2 for my BigCommerce store?

Akin2 is fully compatible with Product Feed generators that are able to produce a .CSV or .TXT file version of your Product Feed at a hosted URL. We do highly recommend leveraging the Google Shopping by Sales & Orders app for your BigCommerce store if you wish to go the route of leveraging a Product Feed as opposed to a direct product import.

First, you'll want to ensure that you have set your Import Type in  Settings to Feed URL and confirm by clicking Update Store Settings:

Using a Sales & Orders Feed

Note that you do not need to leverage a feed from the Google Shopping by Sales & Orders app for your BigCommerce store. Any product feed provider (such as GoDataFeed) that is able to support a .CSV or .TXT version of your feed at a hosted URL can be utilized as well.

Important: If you are utilizing Sales & Orders, please contact the team via Live Chat to request a complimentary Custom File Feed for your Akin2 account. Upon receiving your request, the team will activate this in your account under Add Features > Feed Channels > Custom Feed and will gladly generate the feed on your behalf. Additionally, the S&O team will also modify the feed should you have existing rules for other channels such as Google (see below for reference):

Note that your File Feed will be located in Feed Tool > Feeds > File Feeds as seen below:

Now, from your Akin2 account:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Set your Import Type to Feed URL > Click Update Store Settings
  • Scroll below to Feed Details
  • Copy & paste your Feed File URL into the field provided
  • Set Active? to Yes
  • Click Update Feed Settings

Using Other Feed Providers

You'll first have to check with your Feed provider or solution to ensure you can host a .TXT or .CSV version of your product feed at a accessible URL. 

The process is very much the same as above:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Set your Import Type to Feed URL > Click Update Store Settings
  • Scroll below to Feed Details
  • Copy & paste your Feed File URL into the field provided
  • Set Active? to Yes
  • Click Update Feed Settings
  • Click Import Products

If you have any trouble or are finding it difficult to get products imported via a feed, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or live chat for some support!

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